News | April 19, 2015

More ‘Soul Searching’ Reviews

The internet is going crazy for “Soul Searching”, the latest album of Mitchell Coleman.
Here are some excerpts of different reviews online:

It’s all about the protection of funk in Mitchell Coleman’s solo CD ‘Soul Searching.’ I’ve had a lot of astounding, miraculous Jazz, Soul, and Funk albums come through the door but ‘Soul Searching’ takes the cake and eats it at the same time.” Read the full review on Music Existence.

Fusing together jazz and funk, “Soul Searching” at first seems like an album indebted to the very best of the eighties. Whether it’s the Parliament synth lines or the Robert Palmer brass, there is certainly a shimmering, shifting quality to the music which works its way into the listener’s ear and never lets go. But behind all of funk is the brilliant bass playing of Mitchell Coleman JR himself.” Read the full review on All What’s Rock.

Picture yourself in a dimly light jazz club in New Orleans. It’s almost midnight, full of smoke, and so noisy you can barely hear yourself talk. Suddenly through the haze a dark figure emerges on stage holding a bass guitar. The crowd goes silent. The figure starts playing, his fingers bouncing up and down the strings like rubber, perfectly in time with a trio of horns, drums, and background singers onstage. Nobody can look away. The audience is entranced by the man’s virtuosity and ease with his instrument. It’s clear he has natural talent and was born to be a musician. That man is Mitchell Coleman Jr.” Read the full story on PenWeb.