With the release of his first solo CD effort, ‘Soul Searching’, and single ‘Genesis’, an instrumental jazz/funk fusion collection that interweaves music inspired by his much admired influences, Mitchell Coleman Jr has fulfilled a lifelong dream of creating the music he hears in his heart and feels in his soul – and sharing it with the world.

The disc, independently released on his own Soul Revelation label , features some of L.A.’s funkiest players: his long-time collaborator and ‘Soul Searching’ co-producer, Hollywood (pulling triple-duty on piano and vocals), Deron Johnson (formerly with Miles Davis) is also on keyboards, Kayta Matsuno and Sean Fabian are on guitar, Tim Anderson and Sal Avila are on saxophones, while industry veterans and sisters, Pam and Joyce Vincent (formerly of Tony Orlando and Dawn) and Jim Gilstrap (the ‘Good Times’ TV show theme song singer) perform background vocals along with newcomers Sean Thomas and Nodesha.

Mitchell also teams with Veteran Motown Producer Michael B. Sutton to co-produce ‘Flow’, Ethiopia Love, and Tribute to Joe Sample ‘When Your Life Was Low’.

Even as a teen, Coleman had been enthused and motivated by the artistry and skillfulness of trumpeter Miles Davis and renowned bassists Marcus Miller, Stanley Clarke, Mark Adams (founder of funk band Slave), Louis ‘Thunder Thumbs’ Johnson, and former Sly and the Family Stone alum and ‘Father of the Thump’ Larry Graham. But it was jazz-fusion virtuoso Jaco Pastorius who influenced him the most. Jaco’s take-no-prisoners style inspired him to remove all self-imposed limitations, while exploring the endless possibilities his instrument presented.

Coleman shines as a songwriter as well. Co-penning, arranging and producing all but one of the fourteen tracks with Hollywood (his cover of the Earth, Wind & Fire classic That’s The Way of The World gets an inventive and tasty remake). His inspirational tribute to Joe Sample with a cover of ‘When Your Life Was Low’, his original compositions ‘Come Up’ and ‘Secrets’, and his debut single ‘Passport’, showcase his virtuosity as a bass player who’s more than capable of holding his own among his idols.

‘Soul Searching’ may be Coleman’s first solo work, but now that the former sideman has completely released his own creative energy – unrestrained by the expectations and constraints of other artists – it’s sure to be just the beginning!

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